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Maxine 03:45
Tempt Me, Maxine A prophylactic sucka with a, Medical mind Hail Me, Taxi Got my boogie-board baby, & yr always on time Wendy’s, Oh Jeez You’re like a Young art teacher, giving “F”s to the blind Francie, Fancy You got a cool hand sweet thing and you’re treating me kind Leslie, that’s he Got a pony boy but face, with Tourette’s of the mind Nomi, Know me Well she’s singin’ me the blues babe, so I’m drawing you a line Nermeen, my Queen Well she’s so hygenic, exposing all my dirty Crimes yea yea yea yea
Took me out once at the go made a left and taught me maiden down in the lake won’t show she’s gonna skate right up to me someone knows she’s gonna come for sure to the show to me and I know she rolls up restaurant style with her glasses to me fetishists out holding bags we’re gonna burn a couple of flags it’s impossible to add all the things I owe to Dad someone knows there is love for sure between you and me and you know that I know I roll through restaurant style ready to serve you for free I’m about to cut up all these fries but I get lost in your eyes
Mixing the Coffee and praying alot try to forget forgive me not I need someone to cut out my jive someone to help me stay alive Pissed all my money away at the dock trying to drown the sound of the clock too hot to handle a love this fine someone to help me stay in line No more coffee and no more pot, no more answers and no more clock no more noises and no more time, no more future and no more line, no more progress and no more halts, no more sound here and no more faults, I need someone to smash my clock, someone to help me churn out the rock, who is the pickle and who is the brine, who is the coffee and where is the line, where is the reason in forget me not, who is the me who loves you alot, where is my music and where is my time, someone to help me stay in line, I’m loving the circus I’m here at the dock, skipping the stones and throwing the rock oh yea
Don't let the Madmen fall in Hell Because there's only one world Dream Everything's gonna come back to them and they're gonna be real mean & so it's time go out and fight, it's time to lead and cheer Everything is gonna come back to them in a year Everything's gonna come back to them everything's gonna come back to them everything's gonna come back to them in a year Won't even vouch for a broken friend you're fucked like a droned back porch You ripped them from their homes with an animal silence treated as a manner of course You have no soul to speak you have no good to fear but Everything is gonna come back to you in a year Everything is gonna come back to you all people's have the right to america Kali's gonna pull out a terror wail in your ear We were lover's for a spell and you're still here in my dreams Everything is gonna come back to me I'm not sure what that means So it's time to raise that glass & maybe drink that beer Everything is gonna come back to us in a year Coterie will come to america Open up to thinking about no laws All people's have the right to America and no fear
someone crashed the party like an orthopedic nurse spent one summer in africa now and everything’s rehearsed Lovers like a distance when there’s paranoiac mind spent one summer in africa now your paradigm’s unkind got it right the first time felt no need to write it down spent one summer in africa now and everybody’s brown everybody’s colored now with pink and purple too spent one summer in africa now and everybody’s blue america dissolved you became the chairwoman of your own mind you wrote a book on how to live ‘how should a person be?’ the state now under the control of armed and limbless workers as many vacations as possible america dissolves for every human under the sun you spent one summer in africa yea you spent one summer there
2nd time you saw them with them 2nd time is coming again Plastic flowers sun filled the room doesn’t matter always in bloom Aim with a bow like a crane with a crow when you sing while you sew while you say: “Taming a doe to refrain while you flow and we’re pink with a bow and it’s gay” 2nd time it melted again 2nd time but you’re still my friend illusion’s static the wrinkles on my face plastic flowers always the case we sink our boats we poke our floats we pop our pills we rake up things we clink our toasts we snap up coats we live like goats with plastic rings we build up boats we blow up floats we pop up pills we take down things burn toast take off coats we laugh like goats we live like kings plastic Flowers
Some wanted Brothers, Some wanted clothes Some wanted others, and it shows and it shows Some wanted highways touching their toes Glanced at them sideways, when they left all alone Another elephant moved in to the room i found you in Your attitude has always been Treat all these animals like friends Some wanted Mothers, some wanted clones wrapped under covers, we were drenched to the bone gaslighting lovers, can't find your own Expired rubbers cuz you're still skipping stones Another replicant moved in You let old Cyborg Suzie win that poker game and shot of gin Another lost You're off again (get on down get on down the road) Some wanted brothers not to get old One closed the door cuz it was cold it was cold Laughing with mothers, crying at shows Sisters like smothers in the light on their own
Isabelle 02:52
I relate to you more than I used to now that I lost my new love I feel ready to take my abuse to any and all who would shrug And you were there to divert attention from me and my silly facade Isabelle Isabelle Well I handled another without you pulling down ropes on the boat while I'm singing my small truth I dreamed about you and our goats a farm and a picnic is all that I wanted with you no alarms for no witness dancing our way out of youth Isabelle dry your eye one day you might see me fly Isabelle shield your eye you need not watch as I die tonight
Your voice is like my rosary it gives me hope that I don't need for your love I'd cross the sea but it's not there don't talk to me I recuse myself It's not enough Each sentence is a melody Its timbre floods my memory you've made yourself detach from me so I sing this song don't talk to me Don't talk to me please talk to me I confuse myself Don't talk to me it's not enough why can't I let ourselves be free why can't I let you talk to me How's the weather shoot the breeze A cold cloud front intimacy Some promises were made to speak for fleeting moods momentary Here I lie so sad and free and sing my song 'don't talk to me'
General Strike! We need a General Strike! So finally we could break them So finally we could grow I want the world split open I want the assets frozen I want the lovers found To free all the options for breathing and don’t fume around General Strike! We need a General Strike! So finally we could save us General Strike we need some salary hikes and Industries wiped out cold (finally we could grow) I want a world cut off from the Judge For every spirit to Judge The Judges found Guilty of stifling options for walking around (Ask Kurt) Strike! (Chairman says: “Build the worker’s party first”)


Time Stalkers is a nine-piece ensemble based in New York City playing songs by "the Best Indie Rock Songwriter You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of," according to Bandcamp.

The songwriter is Will Moloney, the person behind the beloved Old Table musical project. Like Check Out Old Table, TURBOSLEAZE, and Climax Landers before it, Time Stalkers began as the Old Table universe expanded with new collaborators. In 2016, Moloney began playing with bassist Charlie Dore-Young (Sweet Baby Jesus, Thanks for coming) and guitarist Paco Cathcart (The Cradle, Eyes of Love). Later, the three started playing with Al Nardo (Sloppy Jane), new to the xylophone. The nature of Nardo's instrument inspired a softer-than-usual sound as additional musicians joined. Carolyn Hietter's (SBJ, Financial Collapse) soprano saxophone, Brigid Slattery's (Dog) mandolin, Eli Kleinsmith's (Vern) violin, Van Do's (Party Members) acoustic guitar, and Kurt Pope's (O.D., Joe's Dad's Band) bongo drums brought new colors to Moloney's songs and filled the space traditionally occupied by a standard rock drum kit.

The band practiced and recorded their self-titled debut album at the Brooklyn punk house known as The Dump. The album is an essential addition to the greatest catalog in the Tri-State. The multiplicity of the instrumentation adds a lightness to Moloney's songs, giving them a lift to match the spiritual & community positivity yearned for and achieved lyrically.

Time Stalkers established themselves as the preeminent live act on NYC's bustling live music circuit by playing shows at photography studios, thrift stores, and shuttered arts space The Glove. They shared bills with Jeffrey Lewis, Palberta, Joe Pera, Lucy, Water from Your Eyes, Emily Yacina, Aaron Maine, Kate Mohanty, and many more. "I view this band as a serendipitous gift that formed because of mutual friendship and love of music, with each member complementing each other and enhancing the whole," Moloney says.

Iconic comics artist Robert Calzone provides the album's cover illustration.

Will Moloney on "General Strike":
"The song was calling for a general strike 14 months ago for two main reasons: 1) Because there needs to be a reevaluation of our economic system and how it treats a certain class of human beings poorly, and 2) Because this system assumes the environment is an endless resource of energy that can be infinitely mined and disposed of without serious ecological consequences.

Though the conceit of the song—a halt to modern capitalism—seemed quixotic and insurmountable then, we are now seeing what many of us already had a sense of: that our economy is mostly concerned with frivolous, non-essential jobs that only existed to make rich people richer.

We are now in a kind of 'general strike' that we didn't even ask for, but, in many ways, need. This historical moment could be extremely useful to humanity as a whole if we seize the opportunity to demand housing, food, and medical care for everyone, regardless of political identity affiliation. These are very basic things that every human being knows should be obtainable but aren’t because of this terribly unjust, superfluous, and violent god most people worship called 'the market.'

This song is meant to inspire people to come together in solidarity and plan a better way to run the world. This song doesn't have the answers, but it might spark a productive idea in a person. It also exists as a song that people will either enjoy or not enjoy because of aesthetic reasons, and that's okay because it's just a song at the end of the day.

I am conscious of the fact that my voice is from my limited perspective and as a result may not resonate with everyone who would benefit from its basic message, which is why I'm thankful to Kurt for providing a different shade and perspective and refracting and enhancing the theme with his awesome freestyle. As the recording reaches its end, there is a spontaneous chant of 'Strike!' from the band. We must be grateful to Van for bringing us back to the complex reality of the worker's struggle, reminding us that efforts to organize are serious and not as easy as playing a song with your friends—Van coming from a particular theoretical understanding of history informed by Lenin, Mao, and Ho Chi Minh, that will lead to a fruitful dialectic between the band members off the record. Ultimately, we all must learn from and listen to each other to change the world—even, and perhaps especially, to the radical communists throughout history."


released June 5, 2020

recorded by paco cathcart at the dump
mastered by matt labozza
songs by will table
arrangements by time stalkers
art by robert calzone

time stalkers is
will table - lead vocals, snare, floor tom, ride cymbal
carolyn hietter - soprano saxophone, vocals
charlie dore-young - bass, vocals
paco cathcart - electric guitar, vocals
al nardo - xylophone, vocals
eli kleinsmith - violin, vocals
brigid slattery - mandolin, vocals
van do - acoustic guitar, vocals
kurt pope - bongo drums, vocals

Cassette tape out on Gentle Reminder
Vinyl LP out on Feeding Tube
care of Intellectual Bird Records


all rights reserved



Time Stalkers New York, New York

Time Stalkers is a nine-piece ensemble based in New York.

Photo by Francie Medosch
Art by Robert Calzone

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